Diary 25/6
juni 25th, 2009

Diary 25/6


  1. Rene

    Daaw! You got your sideburns DOWN babe! :)

  2. Cherelle

    So…is this a comic strip…or children’s art work from pre-school?

  3. Rene

    I personally love your quick sketches. Reminds me a lot of Quentin Blake who is one of my absolute favourites.


  4. John K

    I too really like the quick sketch feel…especially for this piece. It is a comic about a kinetic activity and the sketchy quality increases that feeling.

  5. admin

    Thank you! :D
    I appreciate all comments, but of course especially the positive ones. Even more so the positive ones that aren’t from my girlfriend (even though I’m really honoured that she compaired me to Q Blake whose work I admire very much, and I know she does too)